Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes also known as bridge cranes can be single or double girder. We have a range of cranes that goes up to 200 tons capacity. Our cranes and electric hoists are from the finest manufacturers from Europe. Our business is mainly about being an outstanding cranes builder.

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Double girder

Double girder cranes are available in capacities up to 200 tons. The crab (trolley) on a double girder crane can provide better side hook approaches than a single girder crane can.

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Single girder

Single girder cranes capacities reach up to 25 tons for indoor or outdoor applications. They have a better price compared to double girder’s due to their low wheel loads; therefore lower building and structural support costs.

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Underslung traveling cranes also known as under-hung, under-running or suspension cranes are your go to for applications that require lots of empty space. They are available in single or double girder with lifting capacities up to 20 tons.

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Gantry Crane

Gantry (Portal) cranes run on floor-mounted rails. Semi-Portal cranes are a similar design but have a single leg, there are rail-less semi-portal cranes with heavy-duty polyurethane tires, which run directly on the floor. Single girder capacities reach up to 25 tons, Double girder capacities reach up to 200 tons and the span Spans up to 50 meters.

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JIB cranes

Slewing JIB or JIB cranes capacities reach up to 15 ton. JIB arms have a radius up to 10 m. they are available with manual or power slewing mechanisms. Slewing JIB cranes are floor mounted and have either 270° or 360° of slew.

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Wall mounted JIB cranes

Wall mounted JIB cranes also known as wall slewing JIB cranes capacities reach up to 20 tons. Wall slewing JIB cranes provide 180° of slew. Structures for wall mounted JIB cranes are specifically designed to take the crane loads.

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Monorail hoists are on a single trolley with four wheels, which run on the bottom flange of a single girder (beam). This construction provides a high top hook position in a restricted headroom.

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Electric Chain Hoists (Chain Hoists)

Electric chain hoists are designed to give maximum reliability and endurance. Chain hoists can be used on single girder overhead cranes, JIB cranes or monorails. The chain hoist is suspended from a four wheeled trolley.



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